A Self-Leadership Coaching Guide Challenges the Status Quo

About The Book

A new perspective on leadership and the essential behaviours that create a valuable leader is unveiled in Alpesh Fadia’s book (workshops and online programs) entitled The 5 Behaviors of Effective Personal Leadership…For Ascension to Public Leadership – A Self-Coaching Guide. Based on personal experience and research, Alpesh (a leadership & strategy consultant) focuses on the steps needed to become a self-leader. Personal leadership represents an all-important and rock-solid foundation that is often overlooked, but necessary for every individual who is and aspires to become and achieve success as a public leader (those who lead team members)

The main downfall and gaffes of past and modern era leaders are a result of a lack of emphasis on effective personal leadership. Few books and training courses on leadership give attention to the significance of being a personal leader. In fact, many only emphasize self-awareness (at a superficial level), which is just one of the five crucial behaviors required to become a comprehensive and an effective self-leader. Alpesh therefore has proposed the essential pillars of personal leadership to help solve the leadership dilemma through his instructive and engaging personal guide.

Learning to be an effective personal leader can help eliminate many of the unnecessary self-induced problems we have created, including a severe economic downturn, loss of morals, respect, and value for fellow beings. Learning from my own experiences, self-leadership offers a unique opportunity to establish that solid foundation absent in many individuals. Becoming that effective personal leader can then help people turn into valuable (those who are responsible, conscious, genuine, trustworthy, and effective) public leaders we so desperately need today and for many generations thereafter to avoid another global leadership crisis and its associated consequences from recurring.

More About The Book

  • Missing critical foundation of effective personal leadership
    • Without self-leadership, one cannot become an effective person, let alone a leader of others (logical progression of leadership development)
    • True and enduring leadership begins with self
  • Unprecedented global leadership crisis
    • Leadership programs focus on enhancing technical skills and generating managers not leaders, hence the global leadership crisis
  • Prevent economic, moral, social, etc. structures from collapsing again
  • Desperately need responsible, trust-worthy, genuine & conscious leaders
  • Increasingly non-team leaders are thrust into leadership roles and responsibilities without possessing experience or preparation
  • Organizations struggling to generate leaders despite spending billions annually
  • Focus on behaviors not just skills
  • Movement from individual contributor to team leader
  • Prepare individuals to successfully fulfill business leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Develop profound self-awareness (key to self-transformation & social change)
    • Increases emotional intelligence (a necessary component for becoming a successful leader of self and others)
    • Provides a mature understanding of self to effectively respond in different situations
  • To create a better world & enable it to realize its own potential
  • Make leadership development accessible to all not just the few at the top (today, everyone needs to be a leader)
  • Provides a stable foundation
  • People will otherwise continue to engage in wrongdoings and commit unnecessary errors, thereby severely costing them, their organizations and individuals who rely on their leadership
  • Gives one confidence to lead others
  • Demands more than ever exercising appropriate behaviors
    • Individuals and organizations are ultimately judged by their behaviors (all the more reason they need to exhibit proper conduct)
    • Life behaviors are needed to cope with hardships, constant change and their associated challenges
  • Provides a mature understanding of self to respond effectively in different situations
  • Increases emotional intelligence – A necessary component for becoming a successful leader of self and others
  • Prepare them for success in global leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Develop strong character (essential for today’s leadership)
  • Discover the very core of their being
  • Develop a mindset of collective advancement versus just self-gain
  • Effectively respond to constant change and situations
  • Be more understanding, compassionate and mindful of others
  • Reach greater heights and accomplish more
  • Enhance decision making and problem solving capabilities
  • Develop a collaborative approach for better teamwork
  • Develop comprehensively as a total being
  • Distinguish itself domestically and globally as an organization that helped its professionals construct a critical missing foundation of self-leadership
  • Better business and financial performance
  • Enhanced ability to accomplish organization’s goals and vision
  • Surpass competition
  • A more positive and productive organizational culture
  • Roots of generating responsible, genuine, trustworthy, conscious and effective leaders can be traced back to your organization

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