About The Workshop

We conduct workshops to help participants establish a critical missing foundation of effective personal leadership. Participants will explore in-depth and create plans for integrating the five behaviors for 30, 60, 90 days (and beyond). All attendees will be held accountable to themselves, the facilitator(s) and their direct managers for realizing and reporting their results. The facilitator(s) will conduct a check-in twice at the end of 30 and 60 days (after completing a full day workshop) to provide further support and to learn what worked, didn’t work, challenges encountered in implementing the five behaviors and percentage improvement realized at the end of each 30 day segments.

Please view our Workshop Outline for program topics and details.

Programs Offerings

The following programs are offered to construct a critical missing foundation of effective personal leadership:

1 Day Live Workshop

  • Target market : All levels
  • Great option if participants are unable to commit more than 1 day
  • In-depth and highly immersive program
  • Covers all 5 Behaviors

1½ Day Live Workshop

  • Target market – All levels
  • Provides more in-depth level experience than 1 day program since afforded more time
  • Participants can perform more vigorous classroom exercises
  • Covers all 5 Behaviors

½ Day Live Workshop

  • Target market is “Analysts” population in Investment Banking who have severe time constraints
  • Primarily integrate 1 or 2 behaviors in-depth and broad overview of remaining behaviors or a broad overview of all 5 behaviors


2 Day Live Workshop

  • Target market – Executives
  • Considering their breadth of responsibilities and experiences, they will gain more through a highly involved and most immersive experience
  • Covers all 5 Behaviors


Our Key Differentiators

What some of the workshop participants have said about our work:

“Phenomenal!! Really causes you to deeply reflect. Life changing.”

Allows for sincere self-reflection and stretches one’s thinking to understand who they are.”

Realize improvement in 30 days (and every 30 days thereafter).

Participants reported 10% to 20 % improvement for each of the 5 behaviors 30, 60 and 90 days after the workshop.

Check-in / Follow-ups every 30 days – Holding individuals accountable (unlike many programs). This helps us from abandoning the program after the workshop. Check-in is key to realizing success in our professional and personal endeavors.

Only program whose goal is to prevent the times we are going through from recurring in our collective futures.

I was able to contextualize the content to my needs.

Constructing a critical missing foundation of comprehensive effective self-leadership is necessary to becoming better leaders of others.

Each of the 5 behaviors complement each other (most programs touch on one or two but without depth).

Focus on first answering “WHO AM I” (then What, Why, etc.) since this is the origin of all one becomes and does. This allows for most profound understanding of self to respond to career and life challenges and opportunities.

Focus on behaviors not just skills (appropriate behaviors are needed to respond to rapid and frequent changes).

Evokes life tests and life experiences (since these foster leaders). We can’t only rely on assessments and personality tests.

Enhances one’s ability to lead up, down and across the organization.