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A Letter to Millennials


As you may know by now, our world continues to be in the midst of a severe global leadership crisis. The subject of leadership and leadership development then becomes of utmost importance in eluding another mishap and achieving your individual and collective dreams and goals within the next 30 to 40 years (and beyond). As of 2020, your demographic represented about 1.8 BILLION members globally. Your generation is undoubtedly expected to govern and shape the world in the coming decades…..

What We Do
Help Solve The Global Leadership Crisis

We enable individuals to follow a logical and correct path toward their leadership development journey by helping them to first establish a critical missing foundation of effective personal leadership (EPL) before advancing to lead others (as a public leader) .

This essential foundation offers a comprehensive and DEEP effective personal leadership model, via 5 behaviors, to integrate into our professional and personal life. Today, it is no longer sufficient to know ourselves at a superficial level considering the magnitude and frequency of change constantly question who we are at our innermost core, leaving us with no other option but to know ourselves genuinely and profoundly. The model enables us to bring our entire selves to confront and overcome our individual and collective challenges to better not only ourselves, but also others and the global ecosystem we belong to. The qualities and character developed as a self-leader will position individuals to transfer and exercise the fundamental principles when they graduate (or already have advanced) to leadership positions, thereby making them more worthy leaders of others. We can then, collectively, minimize or even put an end to the continued and vexing leadership conundrum once and for all.

Personal leadership is the logical, true, and correct path that provides a quintessential and stable platform for leading responsibly, consciously, soulfully, and effectively. In other words, learning to become a valuable and TRUSTWORTHY leader – the kind our world is in desperate need of TODAY and tomorrow.

Ultimately, we help create self-leaders who want to provide long-term, high-quality leadership to others and lead our world toward its true potential sooner rather than later.

Are you ready to join our movement to revolutionize and democratize leadership development?

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An Effective Personal Leader is anyone who views self-leadership as a pre-requisite to public leadership, critical to one’s long-term success and a conscious and purposeful way to enhance oneself through deep self-examination and self-reflection.

A Public Leader is anyone who leads a team of people in business, government, sports, academia, etc.

What People Said About The Book

Personal leadership should precede public leadership and it is a critical foundation for leading in the 21st century.

- Leadership Development executive

Leadership begins with you since you directly impact the entire ecosystem (your team, organization, community, nation and universe).

- Pharmaceutical Firm Executive

The premise and content of the book are aligned with what we want to offer.

- Telecommunications Firm Executive